Epicurean Cabbie, alive, but barely after New Year’s Eve, Holiday hangover subsiding as cab riding customers.

So much like the toxic scattered bile most amateurs projectile ejected into toilet bowls the morning after New Years, I was feeling my writing and my thoughts were a scrambled mess just like contents of most porcelain alters of post new years inebriation. Epicurean Cabbie as a concept, a blog, and ungoing research into the dynamic, exquisite and exceptional reviews of foodie destination places in Rose City A.K.A> Portland, Oregon has been a three or fourth month dormant endeavor for me. I have collected notes, eaten countless places and spoke and marketed myself to countless customers and friends about my feedback and real reviews for real people, and practical as well as polished ideas about what is good, what is great, and what is especially exceptional. I have been a bar and restaurant afficionado in the fantastic Rose City since 1996, I fondly recall places like the Montage of yesteryear, BIMA, and Jazz de Opus when I arrived here. Back then I recall the Atwaters era, Zefiro, and Wildwood as a few of my favorites, now the list has infinitely expanded and both the well known once a week eateriers like Ate oh Ate, my favorite taquerias, or sushi at some of my regulars spots Hokusei, in weeks to come I will be reblogging, reposting, REgurgitating older reviews thoughts and making new forays into food dispensaries around Portland. My Januaury thus far turned into a June-UARY get away vacation for awhile at the beah, little to no internet access and I took a vacation from blogging. Back with a vengance, and zest to write of the many trips tours and excursions one may take in Portland to find the ultimate party for your palette. Thanks for patience as I am blog/tech challenged but finding way through the fog, whats tasty, not so tasty, where to go what to do and what not to do is an ever evolving task for me and my mission. Read and Eat away and tell me what you think…

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