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Zero to Hero Rose City’s Epicurean Cabbie.

Zero to Hero Rose City's Epicurean Cabbie.

Ride along with Portland’s epicurean cabbie, a restless hungry soul compulsively sampling Rose City’s freshest eateries since 1996. Enjoy ancedotal hilarity about food freaky inebriates, food tourists, boozers, bartenders, chefs, sloppy funny tipsy servers and strippers. I have been a well trusted highly sought after consultant and guide for the stars of bars since 2008. I am the 21st century Travis Bickle and tour guide for your taste buds of the Pacific Northwest.

Food reviews of from this Cab driver roaming the Rose City seeking the tastiest cuisine.
“I’m Turning Japanese…I really think so… These photos capture the sensation of these superb speciality rolls, appetizers, and items imprinting my palette with unforgetable flavors.
Karage fried chicken at Hokusei.
Karage fried chicken at Hokusei.