The Four Time Four Star Review continues…

Tonight, my fourth and fantastically fine time at Venezuelan inspired cuisine eatery Teote located in the lower inner South East Portland Hawthorne district was as ususal a delight. The gluten free selections are stellar, and far from vanilla, these savory spicey spit fire flavors are robust, peppery and designed to hit your palette with a powerful sweet savory finish. I usually order the El Diablo bowl to go with my hot buttery house made . El Diablo, the Latin Beauzalbaub in Spanish, is certainly a handsome The magical pork of local award winning rancher Carlton Farms goes into this maple sweet Venezuelan style bacony bits mixed with plaintains and rice. Its a hearty healthy and rib sticking dish that settles into the stomach creating a wide smile and satiated appetite for the eater.Be prepared for some downtime for digestion, as it is a heavy dish, but with this last bit of winter winding down, hopefully, a bit of bacon fat and pork greases is just what is needed to warm you through the night. Just under $7 for the bowl is one of the best deals for a quick bite with friends. The back porch of the place has a separate bar, as well as second story where Mezcal and specialty cocktail drinks are served. For gluten free folks, and those wanting quality locally grown fresh sustainable indgredients.

The Cena plate is another item that is a value, and huge quantity of meat for a party of three or more. I attempted to take out a cena plate with a hungry friend on a cold winters night a few months ago, and we both left with leftovers for days. The cena dinner for three priced at $38 includes a giant rack of lamb, a pork chop, a choice of diablo pork the delightful filling sweet meat of el diablo bowl, plaintains and a salad arepas, and choice of sides. The simple green salad is a mix of fresh local greens, and kale with a light vinagerette its a nice bit of ruffage and fiber to help digest that mighty fine swine of the diablo sweet meat.For my fourth and final time of the four time four star review this place gets an A minus. The atmosphere and space is flamboyant and fantastic, distinctly latin, azule, and and bright reds purples and vibrant tones. The upstairs is a well crafted mish mash of hardwood, and tapestry of stencil as well as acrylic art work resemebling dia de los muertos. So abeyance, menu, quality, consistency and great value are all a part of Teote. Check it out, for under $20 a person one can eat well.

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