Epicurean Cabbie 2.0 rebooted, and horn tooted for 2014!

The impetus for Epicurean cabbie was hatched after referring hundreds, possibly thousands of visiting bartenders, foodies, servers, international travelers on food pilgrimages while dining in Portland, Oregon. I have received countless affirmations and suggestions from people I have directed to the just the right place to eat to begin a blog and carve out a niche for myself as a roadside food critic. So my commentary and countless calories and quick cups of coffee, tasty tea, and and that is exactly what I am doing… Thanks for all the positive and proactive feedback from my friends, loyal customers and remarkable Rose city visitors, and weary travelers of the world.  Everyone has been really encouraging through the years, about time i got off my dimpled cabbie ass and did it. I have sent tens of thousands of fantastic folks to bars and given restaraunt recommendations galore. I have been playing around with notes, food reviews, memories noteworthy conversations with customers/passengers awesome people I have had the privilege and pleasure of driving in my radio cab for over six and half years now. So before we get into the food reviews, lets talk tasty beverages for 2014…

Lately my new beverage(s) of choice are less cafeinated and more creamy and nutty something sweet honey like savory and rich with protein and skin softening natural poly unsaturated fats, they do the brain and body good. Heart coffee roasters both the East and the West Side locations are serving up a sumptious silky smooth hazelnut milk its buttery mouth feel has notes of melted coconut vanilla ice cream without the chalkiness or agave aftertaste. Dates, honey and natural sweetners are used with these hearty Oregon grown hazelnuts harvested nearby. Its three dollars for a delcious glass of this ice cream sweet treat. Checkout the tasty hazelnut milk in a latte in one of their well crafted superb espressos.



The Portland juice press also makes a similar savory sweet concotion. The Juice press people have made a sixteen once blend of hazzelnut milk, sweetened with dates and contains 20 0nces of protein per serving, for $8 a bottle it should contain this more I believe, although somewhat pricey, its worth it if you enjoy a cinamon sweet after taste similar to a ginger gelatto in its finish. Hints of ginger are in this beverage as well, that aid digestion and have anti-inflammatory properties for tissue, nature’s ibuprofen without the liver and kidney damage. The choices of crazy juice medleys are mind bending at Porltand Juice press, I recommend stopping at one of their East or West Side locations.


Start your day with these dairy alternatives in your espresso or just plain and let me know what you think, I love them both..


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